Why I'm Running

Let me be clear on why I am running for the Office of Sheriff in the City of St. Louis. As a millennial, I may not be as advanced in years as my opponent(s), but I make up for that with my ability to see a problem, understand a problem, and having the courage to confront and address that problem. The unfortunate reality is that as a Deputy Sheriff in the Sheriff’s department, it didn’t take me long to realize the problems that office has. Current leadership isn’t entirely to blame, however they have continued the failed policies that have left that office in ruin and continue to endanger the safety of our citizens.

Leadership always leads and has never waited for permission or approval to do what’s right for the community. Unfortunately the Sheriff’s office is not leading on the issues that really matter.

  • We need to do everything we can to protect our citizens. That means the Sheriff’s Office must advocate to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. While I believe in the second amendment, I also believe those in leadership, have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable. I stand with our state and local officials who have created legislation to address this issue.

  • We have to keep drugs out of secured government buildings. The Sheriff is responsible for the protection of both the guilty and the innocent. The Sheriff is responsible for protecting the free as well as the imprisoned. Drugs significantly increase the level of hazard in what are already tense circumstances. The Sheriff’s department must strengthen policies that deal with this issue and make it a daily priority.

  • Protecting our citizens is a privilege, not a right. While the Sheriff has the right to hire deputies and all other personnel in the department, he does not have the right to put our citizens in danger by hiring unqualified friends and family who are responsible for other people’s lives. We have to eliminate patronage hiring practices which puts the public at risk

  • We demand that our Sheriff’s department get the appropriate law enforcement certification which helps to hold the office accountable. Current leadership campaigned on this, and after more than 3 years in office, still has not delivered. We are one of the only major metropolitan cities in the entire country that lives with this embarrassing distinction.

  • The Sheriff’s office needs to come into the 21st Century. There are so many technology and policy upgrades that could make our Sheriff’s office a leader in that profession. We must implement a body camera program. We must install cameras in all passenger and inmate vehicles. We must establish a real dispatch service to ensure the safety of our deputies and the community.

Most importantly, we must restore transparency and integrity to the Sheriff's Office...our community deserves it.

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